Worst Celebrity 1st Pitches of All Time

One of the biggest pressure packed situations for a celebrity is throwing the ceremonial first pitch. If it flops, it will go down in history as one most embarrassing moments of your career. It’s not a movie. You are not going to get 35 takes at this to get it right. This is real life. So which celebrity had the worst ceremonial 1st pitch in history?

We dug deep through our baseball archives for this one. If you think baseball is easy, take Carl Lewis for example. The man has more gold than Mr. T and can’t even come close to home plate. So then you think, “Well a QB should be fine at this.” And in comes Trent Edwards. Now granted Trent is not exactly a great QB but this was brutal. Girls are not exempt from this list either thanks to Mariah Carey. So we submit it to you DOM Nation. Who has the worst pitch all time. Videos Below:

Carl Lewis

Trent Edwards

Mariah Carey

Baba Booey (Howard Stern Show)

Adam Carolla

Gary Sinise

Sound off like you’ve got a pair! Who do you think was the worst and who do you think should be added to this list?


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