Best Fried Chicken: KFC vs. Popeye’s vs. Church’s

The most versatile member of the food pyramid has to be the chicken. It can be broiled, BBQ’d, basted, and most importantly, fried. In this week’s BarRoom Debate, we are going to settle for you, who has the best fried chicken - KFC, Popeye’s, or Church’s? Through superior science, flawless logic, and titanium stomachs, we have been able to pinpoint exactly what places whose chicken at the pinnacle. We will also uncover for you what we believe to be the closely guarded secret origin of each chicken joint. Our findings are below:

target=”_blank”>KFC- Founded by Colonel Sanders, the overall developed crispiness of the Colonel’s extra crispy is legendary. This was developed through his friendship with our very own Colonel here at DOM, during their private war to prevent Taco Bell from coming over the border. They lost.

target=”_blank”>Churches- Designed by the two founders, Jesus and George Washington Carver, Churches is the least known out of the three.  They have the potential of a good showing because they are frying with the Lord on their side, using sacred peanut oil.

target=”_blank”>Popeye’s- Developed by Andrew Jackson during the Battle of New Orleans, Popeye’s “non voodoo trans-fat” chicken is Louisiana-fast.

Winner- Popeye’s blows the door off this one. Personally, I have been a member of the Colonel’s Extra Crispy for almost all my life, but Popeye’s cheddar bay biscuits and spice batter that they fry it in dominates. The fact that when you pick up a drumstick from Popeye’s and literally see the orange beads of grease drip off of it makes this a place for the ages. Ask yourself when you go to Popeye’s again, do they have the greasiest food you can find, is New Orleans awesome, and most importantly do they have the best signature sauce? With Popeye’s, the answer is yes!

With Grease Filled Back Fat Fryers,


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