Underwear that Cools Down

From time to time Big Al and I come up with an idea for an invention that must be created. Today is one of those days. I think there should be an invention for cool temperature underwear. Listen, I live in Florida and when it gets to the summer time, major sweating is inevitable. Like Shaq at the line to win a game, I just start pouring in a matter of minutes.

So the scientific community found ways to help out on some things. Dry fits for the upper body and shorts, so I don’t get the dreaded leg sweat. But still nothing to keep my #1 player from over-heating. Think about it. Is there anything more uncomfortable than, as this SNL clip would put it, “Schweddy Balls”…

…and like this pic shows – swamp ass?

swamp ass

When you’re at the workplace, no way! I would rather stand in a room with Mike the Situation talking to the Pope about religion than get the dreaded double feature of demise. Hey you Einsteins out there – maybe infuse freezer packs into the boxers? We recognize that we need coolant for the car. Why not a radiator for one of the most important sections of a man’s body… the physical, anatomical area that makes you a man? I hope someone can provide the answer to this monstrosity of a need and create a way to keep all our manhood’s a little cooler.



Henry the Moose of Manliness

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