Top 5 Worst Jobs

I’ve got to hand it to Mike Rowe. His job is literally to go around the good ol’ US of A and work the shittiest jobs he can find. The fact that he makes $10 mil a year is beside the point. Check out this clip where Taters and I break down the Top 5 Worst Jobs:  

Or Click here to listen to the entire 1 hour show. I can’t be worse than your job.

And now, I present you with the full list…

Honorable Mentions:

Mike Rowe

Here he is birthing a cow:

Drug Tester for Laxatives 








Top 5:

5. Embalmer









4. Janitor at the CDC (Center for Disease Control)










3. Cosmo Writer

Here is a real picture of their writing staff… Devil’s Advocate anyone?










2. Horse “Pooper Scooper” Guy in Parades


1. Septic Tank Cleaner











A Big DOM Manly Salute to you if you actually work any of these jobs. Much respect… except for Cosmo writers.

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