Top 5: Who is the Best Duo?

A tandem duo can be one of the most unstoppable forces in Mandom. There are legends that have been written on these men, from the likes of the Mario Bros to Laurel and Hardy. But who is the greatest duo of all time?

Now, I know you will also agree that there have been some pretty terrible combinations throughout the years: Captain and Tennille, Metallica playing Emo, and the guys in the Green Hornet movie to name a few. We have driven through the muck of less-than-mediocre to create for you the ultimate list. This is a Top 5 that crosses all genres: Music, video games, movies etc. Enjoy.

The Top 5 Duos of All Time

5) Shake and Bake- Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr.- These men are a duo of distinction. They have defeated the French, on a race track, overcome meager beginnings, to become the greatest race movie tandem of all time.

4) Laurel and Hardy- Themselves- The yin and yang of comedy. One gigantic fat guy who hangs out with a malnourished skinny guy. They are still watched today.

3) Mario Bros- Mario and Luigi- The video game version of bravery and the American Dream. These Italian plumbers don’t stop at cleaning pipes and saving princesses. They also beat the hell out of gigantic dinosaur turtles.

2) Holmes and Watson- Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson- Before Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law were out reviving Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s deductive sleuths, Holmes and Watson were crushing gigantic dogs in Baskerville and crushing Hope (oh yes… a free DOM t-shirt for the best explanation of what “Hope” refers to in the Comments section below – by March 31, 2012).

1) Dynamic Duo- Batman and Robin- They are called the Dynamic Duo for a reason. Batman was our #1 choice for the Greatest Superhero of All Time. Like Batman, Robin will live after the atrocious performance by Chris O’Donnell. The Dynamic Duo doesn’t need super powers. They have crossed all boundaries: Comics, Movies, and hell, even Seal made an awesome song because of Batman and Robin.


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  • Fronz: March 7, 2012 at 10:03 pm

    I believe it is Jefferson Hope? The villain in the one of the books? I will obscure book references for 500.

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