Top 5: Presidents with Facial Hair

If the measure of President was based on their facial hair, then these guys would be the greatest of all time. In many cases, these Presidents have fallen to the wayside of obscurity. That is why we are going to rogaineate this great attribute of their personas. In light of President’s Day we are going to give you the Top 5 Presidents with Facial Hair.

This has been a topic of national discourse for quite some time, and so after many thousands of requests, we have finally compiled the list for you. (Also note that, on your behalf, the Founding Fathers have sponsored a bill before Congress to require all future Presidents to sport facial hair. We expect passage – after our bill requiring testicles.) Mustache, beard, and chops were all included for possible nomination to be on this most prestigious of lists. We also took into account the famous nature of their facial hair and the “X” factor of their facial hair as well. So while you’re cracking open a piece of America this President’s Day, be sure to give a DOM salute to the facial hair giants that helped make it happen.


1. Chester A. Arthur






2. Rutherford B. Hayes






3. Grover Cleveland






4. Ulysses S. Grant






5. Theodore Roosevelt







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