Top 5: Movie Sports Teams

Sports movies are a major staple of every man’s cultural diet. Some movies replicate the greatness of past achievements of real teams and others are narratives that develop the notoriety of fictional teams. Either way, they are worth mentioning regardless. But who are the Top 5 Movie Sports Teams? Today we are going to answer that question.

As a sports movie junkie, I have Honors PHD level knowledge of the movie sports team field. The question is, what makes a great movie sports team great? One deciding factor is coaching. The coach is the leader of a squad – in many of these movies the focal point. We also need to examine the pop culture memorable moments of the team as well. Because this is a team Top 5, we are going to remove the boxing, arm wrestling, regular wrestling, and other various individual sport movies. Instead this is the star studded focus on team play and ability. This is why the Mighty Ducks are the greatest movie sports team of all time. Gordon Bombay is the coach, there are great players (Charlie Conway, Adam Banks, Fulton Reed, GOLDBERG, and Averman), they won the Minnesota Championship, a Gold Medal, and they beat the Varsity Team. Quack Quack Quack. The list is below enjoy!


Honorable Mention

Little Giants- Giants- Danny O’Shea and the Annexation of Puerto Rico






Top 5 Greatest Movie Sports Teams of All Time


5.) Miracle- 1980 US Hockey Team- Coach Herb Brooks






4.) Remember the Titans- T.C. Williams High School Football- Coach Herman Boone






3.) Hoosiers- Hickory High School- Coach Norman Dale






2.) Major League- Cleveland Indians- Manager Lou Brown






1.) Mighty Ducks- The Mighty Ducks- Coach Gordon Bombay






Ducks Fly Together,



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  • Auth: March 12, 2012 at 11:48 am

    Look forward to nfllowiog this series! I think you raise interesting points, but I don’t necessarily think that a team’s presence always positively impacts a city’s brand. No question that having a major team puts an otherwise no-name city on the map and into the national conversation (at least on Sportscenter), and it does serve to legitimize smaller cities like Jacksonville as you mention but I wonder, does a sportsfan’s hostility towards a rival team have an impact on their perception of that team’s hometown, that city’s brand?Think about your rival team have you ever chalked it all up to the city in general on the basis of that team and nothing else? (Fair or not, I have )Also, I’d be interested in your view on the inverse? How does a city’s brand impact that of its local team(s)? What changes when a franchise relocates?

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