Top 5: Manly Love Songs

If food is the key to a man’s heart, then music is the key to a woman’s. That is why we are counting down the  Top 5: Manly Love Songs. There is a plethora of large scale, gamut of garbage when it comes to love songs. Big Al and I dove into the waters of Whitney Houston (RIP) to dig up some the greatest Valentine’s Day songs. Some of these are jams, but I forewarn that we have made a corresponding list of testicularly tranquil (T-Pain for short) list lacking any balls at all.

This way, when you are going through an anniversary or even next year’s Valentine’s Day you will be armed with the do(s) and don’t(s) when it comes to music. You may wonder how we approached this list compared to others. This time we shot straight from experience. With the crap list, it is hard to set the mood with the lady when she catches you shoving earwig bugs from Star Trek’s Wrath of Kahn movie down your ear canal to stop listening to the audible abomination that is playing through her speakers. You will have the ability to take command of the iPod and line up a powerhouse playlist that will make any day of romance… the right day. Now, there are some personal favorites on the list, particularly our #1 on the greatest Love songs list. Meatloaf is acceptable in all situation, and he has the power to cap off one epic night at the bar with this jam. Enjoy.


Manly Love Songs                                                            T-Pain/ Unmanly Love Songs

I Would Do Anything For Love- Meatloaf               My Heart Will Go On- Celine Dion

Can You Feel the Love Tonight- Elton John          Every Rose has Its Thorn- Poison

Kiss by a Rose- Seal                                               Secret Garden- Bruce Springsteen

Hold My Hand- Hootie and the Blowfish                  Hey There Delilah- Plain White Tees

Power of Love- Huey Lewis and the News           Forever in Love- Kenny G


Honorable Mentions                                                         Honorable Mentions

Why Don’t We Get Drunk- Jimmy Buffet              When a Man Loves a Woman- Michael Bolton

Higher Love- Steve Winwood                                        To Be With You- Extreme

In Your Eyes- Peter Gabriel                                            She’s Everything- Brad Paisley

Crazy Little Thing Called Love- Queen

Get Into My Car-Billy Ocean



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