Top 5: Best Rock Bands of the 1980′s – VOTE HERE!

The 80′s were a time of power rock, glitz, and glam, and the pinnacle of hair. There are a TON of rock bands that make up the 80′s. It was like the NBA during the time of Jordan, Magic, and Barkley; there is just so much talent trapped into a small decade. From Guns N’ Roses to AC/DC to Metallica: who is the best 80′s rock band? This week we are putting you on the clock. We are going to – in 24 hours – decide the Top 5 rock bands of the 1980′s. Now, you may say, “Taters, how can I have my voice heard in this challenge of epic proportions?” Well, now is the time.

DOM is going to give you mere hours to help us make the choices. Who is allowed to be considered? Anyone. For God’s sake, if you think Nelson was the greatest band of the 1980′s, then throw them out there. This time we are going to test your metal (pun intended). Dig out the hairspray or pull out the old thrash axe and tell us. We are going to list some to get you started. Now, keep in mind there is going to be an “other” section where you can write in your choice. You have three ways to vote. You can vote below, comment, or send us your vote via the DOM Twitter Squadron. So if you are a modern day Riki Rachtman (Headbangers Ball reference) then get off the couch of obscurity and step into the light of legendary! Vote or comment below:

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