Top 5 Fat Guys!

In a world full of guys who wear girls jeans and eat tofu quiche, fat guys simply do not receive the the recognition they deserve. If it weren’t for these husky heroes, the world would be about as cool as a Dungeons and Dragons party in the musty basement of some skinny hipster’s grandmother. This is our DOM Salute to the Top 5 Fat Guys!


Watch this clip to see how Big Al and Taters “weigh in” on their selections:

Or Click here to listen to the entire 1 hour Fat Ass show.

The list is as follows…


The Top 5:

Rex Ryan


#5  Rex “Flex” Ryan





William Howard Taft


#4  William Howard Taft





chris farley dance


#3  Chris Farley 









#2  Jek Tono Porkins






#1  John Goodman






Honorable Mentions:



Jabba the Hutt




tony siragusa 

Tony Siragusa




As charter members of the official John Goodman fan club, Taters and Big Al will keep you posted on the club’s upcoming awesomely fat activities as they pay homage to the greatest fat man to ever waddle the planet!

If we missed one… then sound off like you’ve got a pair and tell us in the comments.

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