Top 5 College Rivalries of All Time: The Results!

Like a brass knuckle nut punch, it pains me to have to finally decide the Top 5 College Rivalries. With the amount of potential, history, and pure unadulterated hatred, this was a difficult decision to finally come to. First, lets examine our list. We have Army vs. Navy, the historical battle of land and sea that potentially has the most national appeal. Ohio State vs. Michigan squaring off in the rivalry that was created over Toledo (yes for real) and perpetuated by Woody and Bo. Texas vs. Oklahoma; some of the greatest legends of football have played in this one. North Carolina vs. Duke is a battle of cross city rivals that has decided more recent basketball championship than any. Finally, Florida State vs. Florida is a clash of good and evil, that takes place on the gridiron every year as the last regular season game. Ask yourself, in the Big House or The Shoe is there truly any other rivalry you would rather see? I literally have changed my mind thirty times on this, but thanks to the DOM Army casting their votes in this week’s poll and through the Twitter Squadron we have finally arrived at our Top 5 College Rivalries below:

5. Duke vs. UNC: 5.88%

4. FSU vs. UF: 11.76%

3. OU vs UT: 17.65%

2. Army vs Navy: 23.53%

1. OSU vs Michigan: 41.18%

Don’t agree? Cast your vote to see if you can turn the tide:

[polldaddy poll=5717634]


One Response to “Top 5 College Rivalries of All Time: The Results!”

  • Tankmanly: December 7, 2011 at 11:58 pm

    DOM nation speaks!!!!!!!!

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