Top 5: Best Rock Bands of the 1980′s

It all comes down to this. The votes have been counted, the debates have been had, and we have now decided – the Best Rock Bands of the 1980′s. These bands are the personification of greatness. They are the legends of not just a generation, but of the music scene itself.

Now, you may ask, “How did this list get compiled?” It was done through your votes and the DOM Manly Music team, combined to be the barometer of greatness. We discussed overall showmanship, albums, and influence. We have bands that dominated mainstream rock, metal, and thrash. I will note that, you will notice that, surprisingly, Guns N’ Roses did not make the list. This was decided in part by your influence. We attribute it to the fact that Guns really only had one album, although a great one at that. Appetite for Destruction and Slash’s cigarette-smokey riffs were not enough to put GNR over the top. Pull out that old school 8 track player and turn on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. So get started on your weekend and be sure to check out the Manly Podcast #17 while you tip back that first cool, refreshing adult beverage. Enjoy.


5.) Metallica


4. ) Van Halen


3.) Bon Jovi


2.) ZZ Top


1.) AC/DC


For Those About to Rock,



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