The Simple Man: Boxers Straight from the Dryer

Men enjoy the simple pleasures of life. An ice cold draft beer, perfectly cooked medium rare steak, and the crunch of a huge NFL hit are just a few things that help make the weeks a little more manageable and the days a little easier. There is one more little piece of greatness that must be added the list. Straight from the dryer underwear. This phenomena has now been officially added to the start of every great day.

Imagine you wake up, the car doesn’t start, you’re late for work, and it’s raining. These large villainous culprits to the start of one seriously shitty day are all vanquished when you take those pair of knickers from the dryer and… boom, the day is better. Now I would not suggest to do this every day, but on those occasional days where a “pick-me-up” is needed this a weapon in the repertoire with the power of a suitcase nuke. If your #1 player is ready for the day, so will be you. Keep in mind, temperature checks prior to putting on those 5 year old “lucky” boxers are integral to the process. No one, especially you, want those nuts roasting on an open fire, but getting that dryer time down to a science can reward you with the perfect temp every time. I suggest going with 15 minutes of dryer time. So embrace the little things in life that have the power to make any potential day a great one.

-DOM Staff

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