The Food Olympics

With the Olympics over it is time for the REAL games to begin. I was having a discussion at work on how America has the ability to take any country’s food, improve it, and then make a chain restaurant off of it. I thought this was common knowledge until I got pushback, mostly from women of course, on how “out of touch” I am. So… “It’s on!” A new reoccurring theme on our podcasts is born. It is The Official Food Olympics. Here is how it works…

This is a segment where Big Al and myself will spend hours painstakingly reviewing other country’s food compared the USA’s. As a preview, this Monday we will be discussing the “power lifting” category of food…the Sausage. The countries competing are Germany, Poland, Italy and the USA. Big Al and I will break down which country really has better sausage with more bias than Skip Bayless’ coverage of a Tim Tebow football game. It will be partisan. It will be legendary. And it will be unequivocally correct, of course. So I challenge you to tune in and tell us, the Dictators of the Food Olympic Committee, whether we are right or wrong.

In Chicken Wings We Trust,

 - Taters

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