The DOM World Series of Poker Final Table

I am a huge fan of Vegas and after a 3 hour binger of the World Series of Poker, DOM is assembling our Final Table. This is a table that will dominate any of your home poker games, the guys from work, and even the table you might join at Party Casino.We have the old western river boat gambler to a modern day Phil Helmuth. Now, each player has their own style. The guy that goes with methodology and stats,  the guy that goes solely on feeling, and even a guy who has magic. The list:


James Bond- Casino Royale- You can’t outwit James Bond in a battle of life or death. So do you really think he is going to flinch in high stakes poker? He is going to charm your money away.


Teddy KGB- Rounders- Straight big stack poker player. Eats Oreos and will literally kill you if he looses. He is the loose cannon.


Bret Maverick- Maverick- Magic. Period. Plays 5 card draw and gets a royal flush off of pure magic. You can’t beat him so forget about it.


Nicky Santoro- Casino- He killed a guy with pen. Deal with it. It isn’t a final table without at least one shady mobster trying to cheat his way through by fixing the game.


Rusty Griswold- Vegas Vacation- Might as well be the Phil Ivey of the 90′s. The guy is literally the luckiest man in Vegas. Of course, this kid is at our final table.


Who is at yours?  Comment below.



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