Greatest Rock Power Trio of All Time

The rock power trio is like the filet mignon of the music world. Sure, it might be smaller than say, a porter house, but it brings twice the flavor. Who is the greatest power trio of all time? This weekend we are giving you a chance to have your voice heard. Instead of doing a Top 5 (may come later), we are solely asking who is the best trio ever. We have narrowed it down somewhat for you, but if you feel like we missed someone you can vote for them by commenting below.

There are no rules for how you can vote. It simply could be because you “like” the band or you might take a more professional approach and weigh in on their contributions to music as a whole. These bands cross the scope of the rock music genre. Everything from Texas rock blues, punk, proggressive rock, and sixties drug sounds. They are all Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame caliber. In fact, many of our candidates below are already in the Hall. Rush should be in there already, but for whatever reason have yet to finally break in. There are a lot of groups you may not know were power trios like: Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix experience, and Wolfmother. Keep in mind that if you feel like going obscure, like the Violent Femmes, vote below in the comments and the vote will be counted. So this weekend flip on some of the best three-man bands – jam out and vote. Poll Below:

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One Response to “Greatest Rock Power Trio of All Time”

  • Frankin and Tankin: March 8, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    What about Blink 182 That’s my vote. Chaulk one up Say it ain’t So I will not go.

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