The Best of the Three Stooges: The RESULTS!

It all comes down to this – after a full weekend of voting, we have your results for the Best Stooge. Today we are going to tell you why Curly is the best of the Three Stooges. Curly Howard (his real name was Jerome Lester Horwitz) was the youngest of the Horwitz children. He was not actually in the Stooges originally. Curly joined the Stooges after Shemp left. Curly actually used to have long red hair and a handlebar mustache. When Curly was asked to be part of the Stooges, he shaved his head and mustache because it was thought that he did not look very funny with them.

What makes Curly memorable is his perseverance through getting pummeled all the time from Moe. That, and he probably has the best laugh of all time. Curly was the human version of a continuous epic fail, constantly traveling through seemingly simple situations, with the grace of a tortoise. The Stooges, and Curly specifically, would haphazardly uncover and thwart these complex plots with their own needs-driven simplicity. The DOM Army has spoken and we could not agree more. Curly is the best Stooge. Watching the Stooges should be a right of passage for every man. It’s something that has crossed generations. Currently, Hollywood is working on a new Three Stooges movie with Will Sasso playing Curly. So, the next time you have a garbage day at work, flip on some old school stooges and you will forget all about it.

Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk,


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