Super Duper Burgers: The Undiscovered Burger Mecca

Gentleman, I’ve had my fair share of awesome burgers during my time on this planet, but Super Duper Burgers, a small chain based in San Francisco, CA, grills up one of the best I’ve ever had. I mean, just look at this mammoth to your immediate left! What makes their burgers so Super Duper?

While size always matters, their burgers have the flavor and creativity to match. Their menu is similar to the one at Five Guys (national chain that serves killer burgers). When you order a regular burger off their menu, it’s a double, and a “mini” is a single. God Bless America and our obesity. The burger comes standard with your choice from the gamut of every-day toppings. However, they step it up a notch with their extra toppings such as avocado, an organic egg, grilled peppers, roasted portobello, cambozola blu and of course… bacon. I had the grilled peppers on mine and it added the right amount of sweet tang to offset the hearty Grade A beef. A staple to every unique sandwich is THE SAUCE! They finished my burger with a parmesan-garlic based mayonnaise that brought the upwards of eight topping together in complete caloric bliss. I forwent the slathered cheddar cheese because I still had plans to make it to the bar that night and I did not want to shit my pants.

A common pitfall of any tower-of-power burger with a lot of ingredients, grease, and sauce, is the bun. Often times, it becomes soggy and completely falls apart and you end up with a pile of American stir fry. Not at Super Duper Burger. As evidenced by the next picture, I was halfway through the burger and the bread was holding better than the Hoover Dam.

All of these important elements skyrocket Super Duper Burgers through the ranks of Burger Nation. To add to their spectacular burgers, Super Duper Burgers provides a laid back counter-culture atmosphere that one would come to expect from a west coast burger joint. Double decker seating and a serve-yourself homemade pickle stand make it a great fill station before a night out.

Definitely wash down one of their cattle monsters with their brown sugar lemonade and garnish your feast with a soft serve ice cream cone. And just so you know, thanks to “No cheese please,” I did make it out to the bar and even finished my Super Duper ice cream there with a pint of San Francisco’s legendary Anchor Steam beer. Check out the Super Duper website for the lowdown on their Super Duper Burgers, locations, and to join their Fan List:


I ♥ cholesterol,


Big Al

2 Responses to “Super Duper Burgers: The Undiscovered Burger Mecca”

  • Tankmanly: September 20, 2011 at 11:33 pm

    Big Al, thanks for the tip. I like a fried egg and bacon on my burger with extra mayo please. A cigar for dessert goes well with it.

  • Sidoine: March 12, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    I love the MSF Black Bean burgers. Mom’s fav is the MSF Griller. I have made gigvee burgers and have posted on my blog. The Spicy Black Bean one is really yummy and we make it often..I also made a tofu one! Your making me want gigvee burgers now!BTW, I am really happy to have found your space here. I look forward to keeping up with considering I prefer to eat vegetarian and having a carnivore hubby in common!

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