Should I Buy NCAA Football 13?

As I mentioned on the Manly Morning Show, I have spent roughly the last 20 hours and did a “called in sick” day playing NCAA Football 13. The question becomes, with sports video game franchises that come out annually, if the game is work spending another $60. So today I am going to tell you if you should buy NCAA ’13.

For starters, the answer is going to depend if you already have NCAA ’12. If you do not…then yes, absolutely NCAA ’13 is worth the purchase. If you do have NCAA ’12 however, I don’t think buying the new game adds much. Yes, I agree the quarterbacks now can side step and step up in the pocket, gang tackling is improved, and EA Sports has eliminated the BS ”catch through his back” garbage, but is that really worth another $60.

One of the few upgrades I liked in NCAA ’12 was removed in ’13. This was where you can use the right stick to pump fake towards a receiver. In NCAA ’13 you can pump fake but it is not as fluid as before. The only other addition is the removal of some of the more cartoonish things that plague all sports video games. You know, the behind the back option pitches, the throws while scrambling across the field to a receiver, or the DB picking a ball when he is somehow in the exact same spot as the wide receiver and appears to go through said ghost receiver. But as sports games become more and more realistic, it seems the added value from one year to another is marginal unless they add a whole wing to the game – like when NC Dub added “Road to the Heisman.” So here is my recommendation: If you have NCAA ’12, then download updated rosters… if you don’t have ’12, then buy NCAA ’13.

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