Pabst Blue Ribbon, the Beer of Justice

This week’s DOM Manly Salute is going out to PBR. The Huffington Post is reporting a local story where a lady out on the town, Jessica Robertson, enjoying a nice can of Pabst, was held up at fork point. Yes, it was a fork, but regardless she gave up the beer and the guy was caught after he consumed the beer. What does PBR do, you may ask? They rectify the situation. They send down a representative from the National Congress for Beer Justice to replace the stolen can. In this day and age, we cannot ask more from a beer company.

I wish more business did this. Imagine that if every time the ol’ lady swipes some of your BK onion rings through her art of thievery, that the KING himself would jump over the counter and replace it. I have to give this week’s DOM Manly Salute¬†to a beer company that cares about their beer drinkers. This is American justice at its finest. The victim was fully reimbursed for her loss and the culprit was apprehended. Sometimes in this world you need a happy ending and I am happy to report that the hop-filled delicacy was replaced. SALUTE to you PBR, the Beer of Justice.


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