One Seat Separation at the Movies = Man Law

I went to go see Ted with friend of the Mandependence show, Dan the Ultimate Warrior. We buy the tickets, grab popcorn (a must) and walk into the theatre. The theatre is somewhat full, but I intentionally select a row that has a string of empty seats. I choose my seat and Dan sits down in the seat right next to me. Enter Man Law. 

I explain that there is a movie rule of one seat separation. Dan stated that there was not such a rule. I have decided to submit this to the DOM Nation. Is there a rule of a one seat separation when going to movies with a buddy? Listen, I like to stretch out. The seat separation works perfect because it gives a ledge on which to set the popcorn, allows you to stretch and lounge, and gives you two arm rests. I just cannot fathom how this is not an official rule.

It’s like at work when you go to take a leak. At that point once you pass the sink it becomes a no talking zone. There is a newspaper to read on the wall - only in classy establishments - and once we make it back to the sink then conversation can begin again.


So, is there a one seat separation rule at the movies?

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One Response to “One Seat Separation at the Movies = Man Law”

  • Emily: July 18, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    I am definitely all for this rule at the movies (unless of course it’s a full house). The more pressing rule that needs to be followed at the movies is for people to STFU. Is it really that hard to keep your trap shut for two hours? And stop kicking the back of my chair! Maybe I’m just not suited to going out in public anymore.

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