NHL vs. NBA Playoffs

I never thought I would have to write this post, but after a brief discussion and debate I feel like we need to bring this to light. I had a debate today on which playoffs are better: the NHL vs. NBA. I am a big fan of both, but let’s be honest. If you have watched 30 seconds of this year’s NHL playoffs, you know there is no comparison. If you watched the Rangers’ game a few nights ago you saw a last second goal and OT. The one thing that the NBA just can’t compete with is the golden goal in overtime. Yeah, in the NBA there will be swings and it is exciting, but one mistake in a hockey playoff game ends your night. Period! I know hockey hasn’t been on ESPN for a while (a travesty in its own right) but the NHL just has something special when it gets to playoff time.

You have the beards, the physical play is even bigger, goalies become as important as pitching in baseball playoffs, and every trip up the ice is magnified. The NHL playoffs literally will force you to contort in your chair multiple times throughout just one game. So if you haven’t given it a chance in a while, I’ll make the manly suggestion. Give one NHL playoff game a shot and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.


Old Time Hockey,



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