New – Expendables 2 Posters!

When I was little, I was huge collector of baseball cards. Putting together lineups, trading players, and the hope that you got a Ken Griffey, Jr. rookie card in your pack made all the time more enjoyable.  Were you one of those collectors? Maybe you still are? Well, I am happy to report that we now have access to a grown-up version of that kind of endeavor. The Expendables II just released individual character posters yesterday…

I shit you not, sir. You now have the ability to deck the walls of the man cave with the likes of Norris, Stallone, Willis, and Schwartzeneggar. This is a great day in the world of man. You can mix and match. Maybe an all foreign team with Van Damme, Statham, and Li. Or you can go with the obscure finds like Couture, Lungren, and Crews. Really, the sky’s the limit.

What does concern me as we approach the eve of the Expendables II release  is - when are the Hollywood elite going to recongize that the average guy just enjoys an old school action flick? I am going to wager that on the release there will be a critic in every newspaper bashing what will potentially be one of the most legendary guy flicks ever. Not that I dislike the deep-thinker films; I just sometimes find magic in simplicity. Is it impossible to understand that with movies like Avatar and Inception, that perhaps a simple, “there’s good guys and bad guys and the good guys whoop the bad guys” type of flick is appealing? I leave it to you DOM Nation. Will great guy action flicks ever be appreciated?

the-expendables-2-launches-new-posters stallone


the-expendables-2-launches-12-new-posters Schwarzenegger




the-expendables-2-launches-12-new-posters-Van Damme





We’re not sure what this crap is all about:



…and possibly a new character in the movie: 


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