Manly Quote of the Day: Father Walter Elliot

Perseverance is not a long race: it is many short races, one after another.

Walter Elliot was an American Catholic priest, missionary and writer.

Born in Detroit in 1842, Walter Elliott attended the local Christian Brothers schools and then studied at Notre Dame University.

While studying law in Cincinnati, the Civil War broke out and he enlisted in the 5th Ohio Infantry. Captured and imprisoned by the Confederates after the Battle of Port Republic, he was released in early 1863 and rejoined Sherman’s Army, taking part in the capture of Atlanta in 1864.

Upon discharge he completed his law degree and practiced in his native Detroit. There, in 1868, he heard a lecture given by Fr. Hecker and was drawn to the Paulists. He was professed in the community on May 22, 1872, and was ordained a priest three days later on May 25, 1872.

Dedicating himself to following in Hecker’s footsteps, he spent his entire 55 years as a Paulist priest as a missionary. He traveled the nation converting thousands of Americans to Catholicism.

Father Elliott nursed Father Isaac Hecker in his last years, and after Hecker’s death in 1888 he began to write his famous tribute “The Life of Father Hecker” which was published with much fanfare in 1891. A French edition of the work led to Fr. Elliott being a prominent player in the Americanism Controversy of 1899. – source:

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