Manly TV Shows: When Men Were Men

Remember a time not long ago when men were proud to see their television characters’ exploits? When the men on TV shows didn’t play some bumbling, fumbling, hack whose entire existence is a Lemony Snicket’s series of unfortunate events that he haphazardly travels through with the assistance of his brilliant wife. Yawn… I’m just tired of seeming the same cookie cutter formula that sitcoms use now that is basically a prolonged Lifetime movie. Where have all the manly TV shows gone?

Remember TV shows where men were… well, men? They actually had an opinion. The men of prior television actually had a functional opinion as they lead their family through crisis and difficulty with the use of raw leadership. They made a decision that was above the less-than-capable Raymond or Tim Taylor. They were the fictional dipictions of what we as society viewed as men. They were leaders, opinionated, deliberate, and humorous. We have decided to remind many of you that are looking for a way to reconnect with actually being a man through all the BS you see on TV, with something tangible of how men used to be portrayed instead of leaving it to beaver. I will also point out that this list might be close to a top list of theme songs as well. Enjoy: 

1.) The Wonder Years

2.) Cheers

3.) Baywatch

4.) The Jeffersons

5.) Welcome Back Kotter

6.) Leave it to Beaver

7.) Andy Griffith Show

Welcome back Tater,


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