Manly Skills: The Work Flirt

The work flirt is the cheaper version of a therapist with the added benefit that you don’t have to talk about your “feelings” all the time, let alone saving $80 an hour. The work flirt is one of the most integral parts in a man’s sanity in the workplace, but developing this innocuous, plutonic relationship can be tough. First, you must pick out a proper candidate. Stay away from people with whom you may want a potential serious relationship. As Bill Clinton proved best, the route of infidelity is a treacherous obstacle course that few survive.

The reason candidate selection is important is also because with the wrong selection you become the creeper guy that spends his time in the professional’s version of the principal’s office, aka your HR department. Not good. Setting up the work flirt is almost like dating, but sometimes harder. But many times it could be as simple as just making jokes or eliciting competitions against each other. What are the benefits to the work flirt, you may ask? The capital gains of the work flirt are endless. Not only does your day pass by with a little less boredom, but like any guy needs, it gives you a confidence boost. Besides, who would want to spend every waking moment talking to a bunch of dudes. It’s a change of pace in your work day. It’s the workplace equivalent’s to the change up pitch compared to your normal fastball conversations. So get out there and live a better work life.

Taking care of business,


Henry the Moose of Manliness

One Response to “Manly Skills: The Work Flirt”

  • Sexy: February 20, 2013 at 6:38 am

    Salut votre article est bourree de fautes c’est a enregistrer; je vous admire.

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