Manly Skills: Safety Razor Shave

At first, I thought this whole old school shaving thing was some new fad that would fade away like jeans shorts and tank tops. We have a huge BarRoom Debate coming up that tests the way you shave. Because of this, I decided to go out and purchase Merkur 1904 Safety Razors. Last night was the first time I have ever used a safety razor, and I am sold! Like old American Muscle these razors are like the Dodge Charger of the shaving world. It is the best shave I have ever had and I have some advice if you want to try it out:

1) Lather and shaving cream is key – Listen, I have used the Mach III for almost a decade and I have never had razor burn. With the safety razor, this can definitely happen. I suggest building up a really good lather with the shaving cream and have your after-shave ready. If you don’t, you run the risk of looking like you got your face shoved in an ant hill.

2) Expensive does not mean better – We reviewed a TON of razors prior to going with our selection. There are a lot of brushes, razors, and shaving cream out there and a common thread I have found is that the more expensive ones are not necessarily better. If you have a question, shoot us an email here and we will look into it for you.

3) TAKE YOUR TIME – Really hard lesson; I learned the first time. I am used to popping on a new Gillette razor and finishing the shave within two minutes. I can’t remember the last time I spent close to 10-15 mins shaving. I will forewarn you – if you are like me where you are the Dale Earnhardt Jr of shaving, like Dale, you will end up disappointed and probably scratched up on the wall. Personally, I cut myself twice solely because I was over confident and thought I could just fly through it.

4) Let the Razor Do the Work – Another one I have problems with. Instead of just shredding straight down the side of your face (how I cut myself the first time), let the weight of the razor help to decide how hard to press and pull down your face. 

So get out there and get on with the one of the most manly ways to shave. Go out buy a $20 safety razor and enjoy!


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