Manly Skills: Reinventing Yourself in the Workplace

Every job comes with challenges. You might have been passed over a few times for a promotion and are starting to wonder, “What am I doing wrong?” That is the first step to reinventing yourself in the workplace. Many men fall victim to becoming callous about their current predicament and pass off their lack of upward mobility as being someone else’s fault. We have to remember that when we do not get the results that we are looking for, it is NOT everyone else’s fault. Instead we need to change the stimulus (you) toward those results. I am not asking you to change your personality but instead create opportunities that position your best personality traits in the best light.

This starts when you arrive at work. Now, we assume you have already passed the first impression stage (very important) and are by this point likely well acquainted with your coworkers. Arrive at work approximately 30 minutes early and greet people as they arrive. Ask them about non-work related things, like their weekends for instance. By taking an interest in them personally, your coworkers outlook about you will change. People naturally like to have others  interested in them. You also have the indirect bonus of your boss noticing that you’re always early. Follow this up by coming up with an initiative that you developed that has actual business benefit. In other words, how can you make the business more money? Propose this new objective to the boss. Even if they decide that it is not something they want to pursue, you have now shown initiative and focus on making the business better. This resonates with many bosses. As you continue to develop strong working relationships and drive to take on more initiative, your “face time” in the limelight is going to increase exponentially, and ergo so does your chances of snagging that next promotion.

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