Manly Skills: Man Up

There comes a time in every man’s life that he comes to the sober realization that there are things that he must do that he does not want to do. The practice of “manning up”, or it’s cousin “sacking up”, are quickly receding from the shores of the modern man.

A good friend of ours, Keelan Cottle, used to say, “There are too many bitchers and not enough doers.” He is absolutely right! One of the strongest elements of great men that has preceded this generation is the noble belief in personal pride. That a handshake is a bond, and no matter what personal difficulties I have to endure to make sure I keep my word… I do it. Not because it’s fun or because there is nothing better to do; instead it is because I know for me to maintain my pride I must… MAN UP.

Think about it. How many times in your personal or professional life has an event caused you to have to work much harder than what is normally required? You know that the easy way out is to just give up or apply one of the many excuses that has perpetuated this lack of manning up in society. You turn to a coworker or friend who is supposed to assist you in a difficult task and what does he say to you… “Well, uh, yeah I mean the weekend is coming up and you know I have some stuff planned.” You then decide, because both of you are not going to work on it, to just give up. Not any more! Make your New Year’s resolution to take that new challenge. Instead of cowering back to your cave of mediocrity, you are going to give it a ‘Chuck Norris roundhouse to the dome’, via Manning Up. You are going to take the challenge head on.

If your friend or coworker doesn’t want to man up with you, fine. Instead, you are going to be the sole proprietor in the satisfaction of completing a difficult task by yourself. Keep in mind you are not “manning up” for praise from a boss or to win an award. Instead, you are doing this because you want to wholeheartily make a difference solely for the reward of completion that you receive through the rigors of hard work. So wake up in morning, look yourself in the mirror and say, “No more excuses. I am going to take on every challenge no matter how big a measure of my personal pride. I am going to Man Up!”

Manning up,


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