Manly Skills: How to Text a Girl

Texting is the new form of correspondence between the sexes. No longer are you sending a letter through the pony express and waiting 3 weeks in hopes that she actually writes something more than “lol”. Though text messaging provides convenience and a non intimidating way to reach out, it WILL make or break you. Here is a man’s guide to texting a girl.  I have decided to give you a general guide on how to text women. First, you have the ring of power. If you text her and she does not respond, move on! Period.

The quickest way to move into no chance-ville is to continue to text some monotonous texts to her every day. When you text, try to actually put some thought into creating a message that engages a response. In other words… you should try to pose a question. Now, “what are you doing” in many cases is not going to suffice over and over again. This is you pre-heating the flirt oven, man! Be slightly flirtatious but don’t overdo it. Try to mention something interesting in your day that would invoke her to respond. If you live a boring life, then make up a good one. Now don’t try to say that you’re eating lunch with the Kennedy’s, but something you’re doing that is unique will give you an edge over the probably 30 other texts she gets every day, if not every hour. Further, I suggest to keep the convo somewhat short. In other words, don’t try writing out a novel. If you’re having trouble coming up with something, try some probable topics on the girls at work. If they seem engaged that is probably a keeper to use. So get out there and text your way to the next date.

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Henry the Moose of Manliness

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