Manly Skills: Calling Women

It’s time to pull a page out of the old school ladies man’s playbook. This week in Manly Skills we’re talking Calling Women. In a prior article, I gave you an idea on how to text a girl. So you have had some early success, but now you’ve hit that lull where you’re running out of stuff to say, or more than likely, she is a little less responsive. It’s time to throw the modern day proverbial curve ball. GIVE HER A CALL.



Think about it. If the lady in question is of the age of 26 years or less, she has spent the vast majority of her conversational time through text messages. It’s our generation’s form of informal correspondence and unless you are Charles Dickens, you don’t have enough material to just entertain through the written word. Instead, go to a place where she is a rookie. Calling a lady accomplishes this on multiple levels. First, you are the one in control. You are the one to decide to call her. Back in the day, if those old movies serve me correct, girls would wait by the phone for a guy to call them. Not only are you going to catch them off guard, but you have a voice, vernacular, and the pace of your conversation to help.

Here are some tips to keep getting that curve ball landing in the strike zone.

Come up with topics. It could be a reminder about plans, a song, an off-beat question…honestly it really doesn’t really matter – only that you do call. By calling, you also are going to separate yourself from the probability that there are other males courting her. Listen, most single woman do not have just one guy chasing them. You have to have a game changer, a tie breaker, the one she thinks of over all others. Also, be sure to have an exit strategy. In other words, allot time that you are going to call, and during the call make sure you have a legitimate reason to get off the phone when the conversation lulls.

Sobe an ESPN Top Ten Play Nominee by giving the girl a call.

London Calling,


Henry The Moose of Manliness

One Response to “Manly Skills: Calling Women”

  • Sanaystri: March 12, 2012 at 11:11 am

    I believe you are right. My “calling/talent” isn’t lalery something that people can look at me and see. I had always envied those with the “voice” or who could play the piano, etc… Why do I have to be someone that is a wallflower? I wouldn’t say that I have any extraordinary skills, but I know that God has instilled in me a passion for the underdog and a drive to lead women to live Godly lives. I feel things deeply and would love to be able to write what I felt in my heart. I appreciate so much the written word, and thank God for you and for your calling. I lalery enjoy your blog. Thank you for this, this morning. Hugs!

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