Manly Quote of the Day: Walter Bagehot

Strong beliefs win strong men, and then make them stronger.  - Walter Bagehot, English businessman, journalist, and essayist. Known for writing extensively about government, the economy, and literature.

His early years at The Economist coincided with the American Civil War, about which he wrote nearly 20 articles; instinctively, like many of his British contemporaries, he sympathized with the Confederacy, yet he supported Abraham Lincoln. When the news of Lincoln’s assassination reached England, Bagehot wrote: We do not know in history such an example of the growth of a ruler in wisdom as was exhibited by Mr. Lincoln. Power and responsibility visibly widened his mind and elevated his character. Difficulties, instead of irritating him as they do most men, only increased his reliance on patience; opposition, instead of ulcerating, only made him more tolerant and



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