Manly Qualities: Intelligence

Each man has a level of intelligence that is retained within his being – some more than others – but the propensity to continue one’s cognitive and intellectual development is a virtue of the modern man. Now, with the encouragement of college at an all time high, many men believe that once you’ve donned the cap and gown that their testament of educational rigors are over. That is wrong. You should instead embrace the ability of new challenges. Use the lessons learned in college, not just how to make 35 shots with bourbon or how to stretch $5 over the week for food, to learn about subject matter in which you don’t have a background. For instance, I am personally terrible in science.

I struggled in school, and have basically my entire life, to grasp scientific concepts, but I love shows like Through The Worm Hole with Morgan Freeman. You see, the common modern man shouldn’t abstain from subjects that have previously given him trouble. Instead now that he doesn’t also have to worry about English, Math, and History he can truly focus on just working on his weakness. Our time here should be a sprint to try to master and gain as much knowledge as you can. So go out there and purchase that book on how to rebuild an engine, how to become a carpenter, or teach yourself how to play guitar. Not only will you be a hell of a lot more interesting to the ladies, you will be continuing your duty to continuously try to better yourself through perpetual intellectual motion.


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