Manly Presidential Survey

We’re all too familiar with that time when the Presidential Election shifts into full gear and we as a nation sit back and watch their elaborate conventions that we volunteer to fund. Like the other major influence groups in the United States, namely PETA, NRA, and T&A, we here at DOM have put together our Manly Presidential Survey for good ol’ Barry and Mitt.

Watch the video below to see how Big Al and Taters break down the Q&A:

Or Click here to listen to the entire 1 hour show. It could sway your vote.

And now, I present you with the full survey…

This is a hard hitting, tough, straightforward, and unrelenting style of questionnaire that shoots straight into the heart of the American Man’s pysche and persona. How would you answer the survey below?

Declaration of Mandependence Presidential Survey:

Favorite member of Star Wars?

Where do you stand on John Goodman?

Challenger vs. Prius?

What would your wrestling persona be?

Would you put condiments on a steak? If so, what and why?

In a showdown of wizardry, Dumbledore vs. Gandalf?

What kind of dog would you own and why?

If you win, other than Here’s the Chief, what would be your presidential intro song?

How do you drink your coffee?

What would be the one room you would add to the white house?

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