Manly Mistakes: The Fedora

The baseball cap is a staple to a man’s fashion. It is a seemingly subtle yet recognizable statement of you. It openly marks the area you’re from, the sports you like, and can shed light on the person you are. This once seemingly untouchable marquee member of men’s apparel has now come under attack. Can someone explain how wearing a fedora is cool? It’s not the 1920′s and I venture to say that it would be lame then.

I bought my hat about seven years ago. It has made it through angry throws, multiple bar trips, various girlfriends, and more than 3,000 encounters with BBQ sauce. This hat has never been washed and nor should it be. A hat is meant to be a testament to the travels that you have seen. It’s the battle dress uniform of the modern man. Like the aforementioned polo shirt in a previous post, when has a normal baseball cap ever been out of style? Answer… never. It hasn’t nor will it be out of style. The fedora that is skillfully matched with whatever ensemble or “outfit” you spent “like forever” to pick out to match your shoes, will sooner rather than later be tossed into the bucket of manly mistakes. I ask you to be bold and don’t cower to egregious modern day fashion mistakes and instead be true to the many you are. Represent yourself, nay, men everywhere, by dawning that off-white 1992 Indiana Pacers hat that has traveled with you through hell and back (especially if you’re a Pacers fan)

That’s My Cap,


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