Manly Christmas Gifts 2011

This week it is now my turn to submit my Manly Christmas List. As the only one who actually works around the DOM office, I have submitted gift ideas for the working professional. The men who get stuff done. These are perfect gifts for the young professional. For starters, the Bev-Burry. Imagine, you’re in a meeting with some guy from Compliance or HR just rambling about some new policy that is just going to make your job ridiculously more difficult. Need a shot? The Bev-Burry has got you covered. If you were to buy the whole list, you would have a bacon breath-smelling, cigar-puffing, putting-drunk-on-the-can-at-work, revolutionary George Washington. In other words, MANLY. See the full list below:

Beer Device: Bev-Burry- The only thing that may make a Blackberry cool again.

Book:Cigar Companion- This should be a college geography book because it’s the only way I knew these countries existed.

Clothing: Revolutionary War Tri Fold Hat- This obviously making a comeback so be on the cutting edge!

Grooming: Bacon Toothpaste- Every guy likes bacon. Who would not want this?

Random: Bathroom Golf Set- Reading sucks. Let’s be honest, if I would have had this as a kid, I would be better than Tiger!

Merry Manly Christmas,

- Henry the Moose of Manliness

One Response to “Manly Christmas Gifts 2011”

  • Sori: March 12, 2012 at 8:48 am

    Great post!What a load of crap! My husband doesn’t do any of those so-called manly hgints (other than home renos by necessity) and I would never consider him anything less than a real man. He eats healthy and takes care of himself so that he can be around for his family. He chooses to spend time with his family rather than waste it plunked in front of sports or car shows. He has even been known to read the occasional gardening or parenting magazine. And horror of manly horrors, he even enjoys cooking and was the one that did most of our canning this fall as I was unable to.There’s no way I would trade my husband for one of those manly men and I actually feel bad for the women who have to put up with them.

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