Our First Manly Action Figure: Corporate America Man

Every red-blooded guy, growing up, had action figures. The action figure was a defining moment in the timeline of a young man’s manly upbringing. But what action figures do those same guys have now? They got nothing, at least nothing they would want to be seen with, so… 

Today we design Mandependence’s first “Every Day Man” Manly Action Figure.  He is “Cam” – Corporate America Man. He comes equipped with a fountain pen that doubles as a blow gun, shooting the tip and delivering a knockout drug to his boss’s neck before he asks Cam to come in on Saturday. Corporate America Man has a utility belt that holds a flask that can be filled with his owner’s favorite adult beverage. Cam also has special modes, including Expandable Gut mode and a Chest Out mode. These will come in handy after a large lunch, or when he is asking out the CEO’s secretary, respectively. Warning – do not mix up these modes

Corporate America Man has optional Super Packs (Sold Separately). One is the “Friday Leave Early Happy Hour Man”. This fun assortment includes a flannel t-shirt and waving action arms that can be used to order a beer at the bar, or smack the hot barmaid’s heiney after several beers (as long as said barmaid is also not a co-worker at Cam’s day job.) Another is Corporate America Man’s Invisibility Jacket Super Pack (also Sold Separately) that can turn him invisible so he can easily come to work late and leave early.

Buy yours today!

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