Burger King 1,050 Bacon Strip Whopper

This is a day of celebration in all of the world of man. One of the most difficult philosophical questions since the dawn of time has finally been answered. Is there really ever a moment where there can be too much bacon? Our Japanese brethren have boldly moved to answer this question at none other than Burger King. A man ordered a Whopper with 1,050 strips of bacon.

Yes, I shit you not! The news story is here. Now, I want you think, how do you react if you are the Japanese BK chef and at 2 AM some drunk comes in and orders this burger and actually pays for it. Hey, this is a dog-eat-dog world of fast food and if the guy orders it you know someone has to make it.

So if you are this BK “chef” (term being used loosely), do you cheer this guy on? Do you proudly stack one after another of crispy pig perfection until you reach 1,050 strips of bacon? I think so, sir! You sack up, dig deep, and be proud that you are part of history in the making. Leave it to the Japanese BK to make this a reality

BK Bacon

What’s the over-under on Hardy’s coming out with a Bacon Burger with 1,500 strips of bacon sold at $2.35 with your choice of either a Kaopektate-shake or a 911 call? Just awesome! So bravo Japan! You have officially found the answer to one of the most difficult questions that man has ever faced. Is there ever really too much bacon? The answer… NO!


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