Best TV Dads of All Time

With Father’s Day on the horizon, it is time to honor the men that make and raise men. The role of a Father is accomplished in many different ways. Today we are going to give you a list of the Top 5 TV Fathers of All Time. This list is complete with dads whose TV personas transcends the role of fatherhood. Enjoy.

 5.) Tim Taylor- Nothing could be cooler than a pops that will break more stuff in your house than you do. Yeah, you may have accidentally hit a baseball through a window, but the tool man has physically collapsed your roof. You also will have one of the best hands on hot rods to drive to school and all the power tools you could ever want.

4.) Uncle Phil- Uncle Phil is a straight power house. A lawyer and judge outside of the household and judge, jury, and executioner inside the house. There is no Fresh Prince without Uncle Phil and the man might just be the best semi-professional wrestler out there. Mind you, the man is also a pool shark.

3.) Homer Simpson- Tell me of a father who has raised a 4th and 5th grader for 20 years. Imagine that on your conscience all day. To top it off, he is a drinker of professional status and would dominate any all-you-can-eat buffet. Nothing says surviving fatherhood like Duff beer and doughnuts.

2.) Randy Marsh-The Swiss Army Knife of fathers. Randy will out play any other guitar player, defend us against global warming, and still romance the wife with Broadways. Randy has taken on Super Dad in a Little League fist fight and won. Randy has fought off alcoholism with alcohol and offerred the world a recognized mathematical way to calculate penis measurement along with surviving testicular cancer. He is a legend.

1.) Al Bundy- Nobody has had to pull more bull than the Bundy. He is a simple man just wanting the throne to of his castle, the remote, and one hand respectfully inside the waistband. Al has raised one of the hottest TV daughters of all time and has one of the most legendary dogs of all time. He has the high end job of a women’s shoe salesman and his wife is still is trying to get straight Bundy lovin’ all the time. The man is the greatest TV dad of all time.

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