Greatest Rock Power Trio of All Time: The RESULTS!

The votes have been counted, the debates have ended, and the results are in. Who is the Greatest Rock Power Trio of All Time? In short, there is only one band that can wear this badge of honor. In this case the DOM Army, the Founding Fathers, and music critics are all in agreement. Rush is the greatest rock power trio of all time. Formed in 1968 in a small town outside of Toronto, Ontario, the band is made up of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neal Peart. Though Rush is not currently in the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame (a travesty by epic proportions), they have an unmatched sound and presence, and a cultish following that would make the Grateful Dead proud.

What makes Rush different, is that Rush sounds like a four or five member band. Listen to Tom Sawyer and tell me that it doesn’t sound like five people are playing that song. Their songs are ballads of musical genius and the well-developed verses are matched with memorable choruses. Rush arguably might have more pop culture references than any band that comes to mind. Just off the top of my head, Rush is referenced in: School of Rock, I Love You Man, Archer, and Fan Boys.

ZZ Top is an honorable mention. I will confess that I am a bigger ZZ Top fan than Rush, but when you approach the overall sound and ability along with the wealth of musical precision and difficulty, the majority have decided that Rush beats ZZ Top in all of those categories. So pull out that old Rush concert tee, put in 2112 and rock out buddy!

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One Response to “Greatest Rock Power Trio of All Time: The RESULTS!”

  • tagnostic: August 8, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    Over ZZ TOP?
    bunch of pansy canadians
    over Texans?
    and no mentions
    of the Reverend Horton Heat?

    all credibility is shot to hell

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