Flag Day Facts

Today is Flag Day. A holiday that we get together and celebrate Ol’ Glory. The Stars and Stripes have gone through many changes since the days of Betsy Ross. Here are some quick facts about flag day and its origin.1) Flag Day, June 14th, is the actual day that we adopted the flag. Originally the flag had only 13 stars and has since multiplied freedom in star form. It was adopted in 1777 by the 2nd Continental Congress.

2) Flag Day came into existence by an official proclamation by President Woodrow Wilson.

3) The blue field behind the stars represents the sky. With the stars representing the states, this was meant to be a new constellation of freedom.

4) William Driver was the first person to dub the American Flag “Ol’ Glory”.

5) DOM Founding Father Big Al wears a custom American flag knee brace:

American Flag Knee Brace

6) Flag Day is not an actual federal holiday.

7) To date, the American Flag has changed 27 times. The last change was the addition of a star for Hawaii.

8) Mandependence.com wears the American flag on every spare inch of our available website real estate. BOOM!

Best American Flag Scene Ever (before Mel Gibson went insane):


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