Eugene Polley is Dead!

Men, it is a sad day for all of the DOM Nation. The inventor and innovator Eugene Polley died at the age of 96. Who is Eugene Polley you may ask? He is the creator of the remote control. I want you to imagine a time when remote controls didn’t exist. You had to literally get off the couch and turn a nob every time you wanted to change the channel. Could you imagine a typical October Sunday, where you have to watch 3 NFL games and MLB playoffs without the ability to flip between channels? I don’t want to live in a world like that. Think about television now. With 12,000 channels you would be stuck pressing a button on a TV for multiple minutes. It would literally give you carpel tunnel syndrome.

Eugene Polley

Eugene Polley

This man has impacted every man’s life in a way that only a few have been able to. The remote control is the scepter that is held on the throne of the kingdom of man in the castle that is his house. The remote represents man’s ability to invisibly control and manipulate an object to his liking as long as he has two AA batteries. So a sad salute out to you Eugene Polley, the remote control inventor, for making every man’s life better.




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