Manly Movie: Sean Connery: James Bond Collection

Nothing reaffirms my faith in the British like James Bond. The international man of mystery that globe trots from exotic destination to exotic destination, shagging properly placed hot women, and delivering great one liners after another is exactly what makes the Bond films so legendary, and why they have had such longevity. The undisputed personifier of James Bond is of course Sean Connery. In this weeks Dollar DVD Dime pieces, we are going to look at the Sean Connery: James Bond Collection. This trifecta of talent transcends the Bond franchise. The three films included in the collection are Dr. No, From Russia with Love, and Goldfinger.

Plot: In all three movies Bond is fighting some sort of extraordinary crime genius. Two of the three films, Dr. No and From Russia with Love, revolve around a super crime syndicate called Specter. Bond travels to a foreign country, finds the bad guy, and introduces himself with his real name. He then sleeps with the guy’s secretary, which is followed by him getting caught. However,  with the use of timely gadgetry, he escapes, foils the plan, and bangs the secretary again.

Review: Each of these films separately are great in their own right, but the fact that you can get all three for $5 makes this a deal! The one liners in these films make even Schwarzenegger, the one liner king, bow. For example, at the end of Goldfinger Bond stops Odd Job by electricuting him. When asked where is Odd Job, Bond replies, “He Blew a Fuse.” Fantastic! That is what I want in a movie, but the Bond films do not stop there. They insert sexual innuendos into almost all of the films, some more subtle than others. For example, (and no, I am not kidding) the main women in Goldfinger trains an all female pilot wing and is named (again I swear) Pussy Galore. Awesome! Remember, these films are still rated PG. InFrom Russia with Love Bond meets Tatiana Romanov and comments on how pretty she is. She responds with how everyone thinks she has kind of a big mouth. Bond’s rebuttal… “Your mouth is the perfect size for me.”

The last piece of the this proverbial puzzle is the amount of noteworthy characters in the films. Of course the aforementioned Pussy Galore, but there are some other epic characters that appear in the films like Moneypenny, Q, the weird guy with the cat that calls everyone by a number (inspiration for Mike Myers’ Dr. Evil), Odd Job, the fat guy that plays Goldfinger, and the sexiest women of the 60s Honey Ryder (another sexual innuendo). These films are an all encompassing video Bible of swagger. You have hot women, chest hair, foreign locations, great villains, guns, explosions, and legendary one liners. Five bucks and four and a half hours well spent.

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