Concert Review: Thrice at The Beachem

The Show: Thrice at The Beacham, Orlando

The Crew

Taters, Clayton and Goodybag

The Pregame

For the grueling hour long trek to Orlando in the pouring rain, we thought it wise to arm ourselves with a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon and a few liters of ginger ale. Don’t try this at home kids, as we are trained professionals. Rocking out across the state with a bottle of Kentucky’s finest allowed us to effectively reach a more normal concert-going BAC. Fortunately, one of our well-intentioned siblings happened to be home from school in order to ferry us safely to and from. This stroke of luck from the concert gods enabled us to pursue a level of debauchery appropriate for a rock show.

The Venue

This was Mandependence’s first trip to The Beachem and going into the evening we weren’t really sure what to expect. The Beacham, a nearly 100 year old entertainment venue in Downtown Orlando, has seen many changes over the years and is closely tied/adjoined to one of our absolute favorite venues in The Social. When we got to the venue, completely drenched mind you, we were all very impressed. The size was similar to House of Blues and the atmosphere was equally intimate. Having seen many shows in the similar State Theatre in Downtown St. Pete, the converted stageshow/cinema quality seems to transfer over perfectly as a concert venue after a few renovations. The Beacham had a warm feel with a rustic look and made for an awesome concert going experience. Surprisingly following a reported half million dollar sound and lights makeover, the sound quality wasn’t the greatest but it was far from poor. This fortunately was offset by the amazingly attractive bartenders. They eventually became our downfall leading into the rest of the night. We were willing participants.

The Openers

Unfortunately we drank too much while braving a monsoon and missed the openers for this one. Going forward we will be sure to check our watches so this doesn’t happen again. If it means anything to you… we heard they were awesome.

The Main Event

Thrice was simply amazing. Even the old-souled Taters, who acts like he was born in the 60’s, seemed to have a good time. The Sultans, long-time Thrice fans, had seen them previously at the aforementioned HOB but we definitely needed Taters to experience what we knew to be so phenomenal. Having recently released a new album Major/Minor on Vagrant Records, Thrice wisely chose to mix in many of their most popular tracks from previous albums to keep late-adopters of the new album tied into the show. Many bands seemingly cram the “new stuff” down concert-goers throats in an attempt to jump up iTunes. Thrice, being a band of substance, has a portfolio of tracks spanning genres and lengthy enough to keep the energy of a show at a constant high level for hours. That being said, if a single moment could describe the entire set for us it would be during the song The Earth Will Shake from the album Vheissu. During the song, thru direction from Dustin (vocalist and rhythm guitar), the entire crowd began stomping in synch to the song. The freaking ground began to shake in time to the music due to a mere eight hundred or so people. The fact that this music can elicit this type of even physical response during the show was fantastic and further enhances the entire experience. And watching ol’ Taders stomp his heart out was priceless.

The Earth Will Shake video:

Next Up

In November Big Al, Baron and Goodybag will be attending the Share the Welt Tour, featuring Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains, and Hatebreed. After being held down and pink bellied into submission, Taters will most likely be joining as well.

Go see Thrice,


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