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Want to win a MAN CRATE full of chow including OVER A POUND OF BEEF?!


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2) Then, Click on the “Read more” in this article, go to the bottom of the page and post a comment - What would you pack in a customized Mandependence MAN CRATE?! We will review all the entries and choose ONE winner, to be announced in this Friday’s Manly Podcast. Be creative!

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Tea vs. Coffee?

In a showdown of caffeinated beverages, we decide once and for all which is better: Tea vs. Coffee. X-FACTOR: Iced Tea is included. In the immortal words of the man himself “I’m Ice-T, the original gangster.”

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Special Hoperations Brew Day!

In the immortal words of Leon Phelps… “Oooo, It’s a Lady.” Jen from the Special Hoperations homebrew club stopped by the DOM Bio-Dome of Testosterone to talk a little “Lady Brewing” going down on April 6th at Southern Brewing & Winemaking in Tampa, FL.

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special hoperationssouthern Brewing

Manly Podcast 3-22-2013 Video Highlights

Big Al and Taters share some ridiculous moments and tangents from the podcast.

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Manly Podcast 3-15-2013: Full Video!

Watch all the hilarious moments with special gust, Justin “Belltower” Baggins.

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Manly Podcast 3-12-2013: Video Highlights!

Some funny moments from The Manly Podcast 3-12-2013.

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Manly Giveaway: BBbarfly Bottle Openers!

Contest Closed. Click Here to listen to this Manly Podcast to see if you won! How to win? Submit a topic for our next show in the comment section of this post. We will pick the Top 3 manliest topics and 3 winners will receive their very own custom DOM BBbarfly Bottle Opener. We will announce the winners on this Friday’s (3-15-13) podcast. Be sure to tune it to see if you won! Check out BBbarfly’s Facebook Page for all their manly updates.

Sick video of what you can do with it!

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“Great Jupiter’s Cock!”

Based on the absurd amount of times they say “Great Jupiter’s Cock!” in Spartacus, is that what Gladiators say instead of “Ah shit!”?

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What is the Manliest Instrument?

What is the Manliest Instrument? Harmonica vs. Banjo vs. Accordion.

This is an epic showdown wherein we will account for the manliness factors of the type of people that play these instruments, the environments in which they are played, and the overall awesomeness of saying “I play the…”

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Down Periscope vs. McHale’s Navy

In a showdown of modern day swashbucklers, which crew reigns supreme: Down Periscope vs. McHale’s Navy?  

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