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Manly Podcast – The Rock, Paper, Hulk… Shoot!


What is your favorite pissing game to play? We debate between peeing your name, the timed flush, or Big Al’s “unique” toilet bowl game. Then, Gun to your head: The Rock on one side of you and Arnold Schwarzenegger on the other, to escape you can either challenge them to rock, paper, scissors or a coin toss. Which game of chance do you go with to save your own life? Final show debate: which Hollywood reboot was worse: The Hulk or G.I. Joe? Special guest Broz gets green over The Hulk, and you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.         

Manly Podcast- Futuristic Gaming, Badass Stunts, & the Manliest Authors


We kick off the show with a roundtable on our fantasy futuristic gaming features and Sanders refuses to acknowledge any gaming technology unless it’s a joystick. Then we break down the 4 most badass stunts ever attempted. Final debate: Who is the manliest author? Big Al, being a “Published Author” himself, breaks into an epic monologue about his choice. Sanders wraps up the show with a surprise gift for Taters that has the whole crew cracking up.

Manly Podcast – The New Maverick & Ice Man


Big Al opens the show as his action figure alter ego “Controllin’ Man!” We debate who would be the best Maverick from Top Gun which includes a vampire, redneck, and a dwarf. Then we follow it up with who would be the best new Ice Man. Final debate of the show: If you were the King of England, who would be your queen? You will not believe how Rosie O’Donnell gets into this mix.

Manly Podcast – Cheetos, Cheese Puffs, & Cow Tails


Special guest Sanders furnishes the studio with Cheese Puffs which sparks a debate of Cheetos vs. Cheese Puffs. Then Sanders reveals a bag of Cow Tails and puts Taters in his place. However, Taters fires back when Sanders answers What actor you would bring back from the dead? We round out the show with a debate on what real life character you would want to fly the Millennium Falcon.

Manly Podcast – Batman: The Musical!


We fire out of the gate like Batman’s grappling hook and decide Who should be the new Batman. That leads to the first manly tangent of the show, Batman: The Musical! We dive deeper into the nerdosphere and decide Who should be the new Captain Kirk from Star Trek. Final debate of the show: what one feature would you add to your wallet? Special Guests: Herm Sauce A.K.A. “Red Beard” and Founding Father Sanders!

Batman: The Musical!

Special guest Sanders takes the debate of “Who should be the new Batman?” in a very different direction. “Khan!… Khan!… Khan! Khan! Khan!”

Manly Podcast- Boy Band Death Match


Our guest Michael “Purple Haze” asks us what international sport we would bring to America and ‘Merican-ize it. Then we debate the unmanliest thing your wife or girlfriend makes you do. Main Event: Boy Band Death Match! The gloves come off in a no holds barred cage match between the most iconic and super lame boy bands!

Manly Podcast- Manliest Star Wars Invention


If Star Wars took place in a long, long, time ago, then where are the inventions today? We discuss our picks for best Star Wars inventions that we would want today. Death Match: The Surf Ninjas vs. The 3 Ninjas! We close out the show with a debate on if we were kidnapped and sold into the sex trafficking underworld, who would we hire as our rescue squad?

Manly Podcast- The Most Epicly Epic Statue of Epicness Ever!


Our guest President Hayes asks us if we could commission any statue to be built for our front lawn, what would it be? We expose Tater’s history of impulse eBay statue purchases. Then we debate who would be the best fictional wing man. Final show debate: Cigar vs. Pipe?

Manly Podcast- Hot Shaves & Cold Showers


3 questions from our guest Michael Hayes, who we discovered is direct descendant of President Rutherford B. Hayes (Badass)! Have you ever fantasized about what your baseball walk-up song would be? We break down the songs we would come out to. Then we debate who are the two people we would want to be stuck with in an insane asylum. Final Manly Debate: Hot shave vs. Cold Shower. Taters cries about his New Jersey pasta hero Tony Soprano dying.

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