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Top 5: Thanksgiving Traditions

In preparation for the Mandependence Thanksgiving Extravaganza, we are polling YOU, the DOM Army, on the Top 5 Thanksgiving Traditions. Taters and I debated these back and forth and unfortunately, hanging out with in-laws or helping to set the table did not make the cut. So, we went with the next best 5 traditions that are enjoyed by every red blooded American on this historic day of endless feasting. Vote Below: Read more »

Top 5 Colleges with the Hottest Women: Vote for your #1

Thanks to everyone who submitted their Top 5 Colleges with the Hottest Women in yesterday’s post. It looks like it has come down to a battle of East Coast vs. West Coast, including teams from the ACC, PAC 12, and the Big 12. All can stake their claim for having the hottest female students. Men, we leave this decision up to you. TweetFacebook, or vote below for your #1 spot. We will release the rankings tomorrow. Read more »

Top 5 Colleges with the Hottest Women: Submit Your Top 5

This week’s Top 5 was inspired by a topic that caught fire in our forum. It is one of the most highly contested topics of the 21st century. We are of course referring to the Top 5 Colleges with the Hottest Women. Read more »

Top 5: Hottest Female Video Game Characters

Ah the women of video games. Is there not a better platform to project man’s vision of what the perfect woman looks and acts like? It’s like The Notebook for guys. Game programmers have the ability to take seemingly impossible versions of our female counterparts and make them life-like. That’s why in this week’s Top 5 we are going to count down the Top 5 Female Video Game Characters. Of course as the closet gamer of the group, I take deep pride in this list. We encompass everything from NES systems all the way to present day digital divas. Read more »

Top 5 Greatest Worst 1980′s Music Videos

Rubik’s cubes, hair scrunchies, and the Bear’s defense are all elements of what make the 80′s so great, but there is one ingredient of the 80′s that is more important than all the rest – horrible 80′s music videos. In this week’s Top 5, we are going to rank the five Greatest Worst 1980′s music videos. These songs by themselves, even without the videos, helped to personify the 80′s. What I love is how there were “directors” watching these videos who actually thought they were not going to get ripped on by all future generations. They paved the way for Music Television, aka MTV, to actually stop playing music videos through the spectacularly bad monstrosities that they produced. The List:

Read more »

Top 25 Movie Instrumental Theme Songs: 1-5

So it all comes down to this. We have now reached the Top 5 from our Top 25 Movie Instrumental Theme Songs of all time. This cinematic adventure included songs about freedom fighting Scotsmen to socially talented secret agents. The songs in our Top 5 don’t just have a memorable portion of the song nor do they accompany any mediocre films. Instead, all of these top tier songs facilitate some of the greatest movies of all time. Any of these could arguably be number 1. We approached the task of crowning the king of instrumental theme songs with unbiased analysis and a time-tested gut instinct. The List:

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Top 25 Movie Instrumental Theme Songs: 6-10

It seems like it was just three days ago when we started our Top 25 Movie Instrumental Theme Songs. Now we are officially entering the top 10. This is where it gets serious! Does ET beat out the James Bond Theme, and where does the Star Wars Intro fall? All of these questions will be answered in due time. These testimonials to the treble clef is just amazing how often these songs are reused. All of the top ten can be attributed to commercials and other films. That’s the unbelievable part of it. Think about if you are some classically trained conductor, who instead of spending your time playing Bach in front some pompous old folks, or playing in the park to a capacity crowd of 11 people, you come up with a epic jam that it could out-shine a 50 Cent album. Got to love it. The List:

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Top 25 Movie Instrumental Themes: 11-15

Now we are getting down to the powerhouse songs on the list. This is where we finally reach some tracks that could arguably be in the Top 5. Each one of these songs has an argument to be #1.  It’s like, “I am the Spielberg of movie themes”. I hear the jam and immediately visualize grade A movie cinematic quality. Nevertheless, these are the Top Movie Instrumental Themes, numbers 11-15. This section of the list has songs will scare the hell out of you, turn you into the primetime cop, and include one X factor (show sucks by the way): Dinosaurs. Yeah, I said it, Dinosaurs. Remember when you were a kid and you watched how the Flintstones were cool with their Jurassic friends. One of these songs changed my whole outlook on Dinosaurs. The list: Read more »

Top 25 Movie Instrumental Theme Songs: 16-20

We are now in the top 20 of our Top 25 Movie Instrumental Theme Songs. This section of the list is probably the most unique out of them all. You are only going to recognize portions of a lot of these songs, but they are so strong that they have to be mentioned. This section has everything from heart compelling Irish football to sharks destroying people. The nice thing about this section is that these songs can be used in our everyday lives, and you will immediately remember a scene when you hear them. The List:

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Top 25 Movie Instrumental Theme Songs: 21-25

So we were sitting in the man cave last week and decided to put together the Top 5 movie theme songs of all time. Our problem? There are just too many bomb ass songs to actually do just a “Top 5.” Honestly there were so many good choices that we had to separate them into songs with words and strictly instrumentals. This list is legendary and all-encompassing. I actually purchased these songs on iTunes and spent my entire Monday finding work related tasks that the songs fit. Need to send a fax, Chariots of Fire. Boom! Done! Imagine rolling up to the Xerox machine, on the off-hand chance it actually works, and killing it in straight slow motion. I thought I couldn’t dominate that performance but then boss walks by. Bam! Drop in Darth Vader theme. Now, like just about every list we do, there was some debate between Big Al and myself. The Lord of the Rings intro vs. Braveheart song was especially an exchange for the ages. So every day this week we are going to list a section of our Top 25 Movie Instrumental Themes. The List: Read more »

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