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Top 5 Olympic Sports Actually Worth Watching

I will be honest. There are some sports in the Olympics that I have no idea why they’re there. Nobody truly wants to watch speed walking for god’s sake. I mean, come on, if Oprah does it… then it is not a sport. Today, though, I am going to list the Top 5 Olympic sports actually worth watching. Read more »

Best TV Dads of All Time

With Father’s Day on the horizon, it is time to honor the men that make and raise men. The role of a Father is accomplished in many different ways. Today we are going to give you a list of the Top 5 TV Fathers of All Time. This list is complete with dads whose TV personas transcends the role of fatherhood. Enjoy. Read more »

Greatest TV Spinoffs of All Time

This Top 5 Greatest TV Spinoffs of All Time all started from a sacred watering hole here in Tampa, FL. I made a bold statement that spinoffs, as a whole, are garbage. As it turns out, I am wrong. In fact, there are quite a few noteworthy spinoff shows that you probably don’t even know are spinoffs. Read more »

Worst Celebrity 1st Pitches of All Time

One of the biggest pressure packed situations for a celebrity is throwing the ceremonial first pitch. If it flops, it will go down in history as one most embarrassing moments of your career. It’s not a movie. You are not going to get 35 takes at this to get it right. This is real life. So which celebrity had the worst ceremonial 1st pitch in history? Read more »

Greatest Movie Coaches of All Time

A team is nothing without the coach. A coach develops, delivers, and in most cases takes the brunt of every mistake made on the field. But there is one class of coach that is the most underrated. Today we are going to give you the Top 5 Greatest Movie Coaches of all time. Read more »

Best Baseball Movie Pitcher of All Time

Pitching in baseball is like defense in football – it just wins championships. After Big Al and I returned from a bachelor party of debauchery, we discussed one ongoing debate that came up during the party. Who are the Greatest Movie Baseball Pitchers of All Time? Read more »

Best Movie Cop Duo of All Time

I have just finished a Lethal Weapon marathon and it is official – Riggs and Murtaugh are the best movie cop duo of all time. I know some may think maybe Tango and Cash (I will take an obscure Stallone comment for a 1,000) but think about it… Read more »

Top 5: Who is the Best Duo?

A tandem duo can be one of the most unstoppable forces in Mandom. There are legends that have been written on these men, from the likes of the Mario Bros to Laurel and Hardy. But who is the greatest duo of all time? Read more »

Top 5: Movie Sports Teams

Sports movies are a major staple of every man’s cultural diet. Some movies replicate the greatness of past achievements of real teams and others are narratives that develop the notoriety of fictional teams. Either way, they are worth mentioning regardless. But who are the Top 5 Movie Sports Teams? Today we are going to answer that question. Read more »

Top 5: Best Rock Bands of the 1980′s – VOTE HERE!

The 80′s were a time of power rock, glitz, and glam, and the pinnacle of hair. There are a TON of rock bands that make up the 80′s. It was like the NBA during the time of Jordan, Magic, and Barkley; there is just so much talent trapped into a small decade. From Guns N’ Roses to AC/DC to Metallica: who is the best 80′s rock band? Read more »

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