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Top 5 Fat Guys!

In a world full of guys who wear girls jeans and eat tofu quiche, fat guys simply do not receive the the recognition they deserve. If it weren’t for these husky heroes, the world would be about as cool as a Dungeons and Dragons party in the musty basement of some skinny hipster’s grandmother. This is our DOM Salute to the Top 5 Fat Guys!


Watch this clip to see how Big Al and Taters “weigh in” on their selections:

Or Click here to listen to the entire 1 hour Fat Ass show.

The list is as follows…

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Top 5 Worst 90s Music Videos

Today we are talking Top 5 Worst 90s Music Videos. Unlike the 1980s, these jams not only have to be musically challenged, but will include awful dancing, dress, and music video quality.



Big Al and Taters break it down.


And now, with any further adieu, here are the Top 5 Worst 90s Videos themselves…

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RESULTS! Blue Ox Jerky Monster Manly Giveaway

Watch this video to see if you won a 1 pound bag of jerky from The Blue Ox Jerky Company.


A Big DOM Salute to everyone who sacked up and participated in the giveaway AND to The Blue Ox Jerky Company. Make sure you check out their full line of DOM Approved manly jerky.

The Food Olympics

With the Olympics over it is time for the REAL games to begin. I was having a discussion at work on how America has the ability to take any country’s food, improve it, and then make a chain restaurant off of it. I thought this was common knowledge until I got pushback, mostly from women of course, on how “out of touch” I am. So… “It’s on!” A new reoccurring theme on our podcasts is born. It is The Official Food Olympics. Here is how it works… Read more »

Expendables 2 in Theaters TODAY!

Women have Twilight (who gives a shit). Men, we have The Expendables. Number deuce is being released tonight.   This cinematic adventure pretty much sums up everything we’re about here at DOM. We are fully looking forward to zero plot, other than “Good Guys Kill The Bad Guys.”

Not to mention:

- Chuck Norris

- Fully automatic shotguns

- Explosions

- Gratuitous violence

- America

- Steroids (except for Sylvester Stallone because he is all natural)

- Justice

- Cigars

- Chuck Norris

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Now to get your willy wet:


Manly Quote

Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth.

- Chuck Norris 


Top 5 Memorable Moments from the Cast of Expendables 2

The week is finally here! The star studded movie extravaganza of our lifetime is finally coming out. Expendables 2 is set to release this Friday, August 17th. In light of this movie triumph of testicular fortitude, I got to thinking about which member of the cast is most iconic. Today I am going to give you my Top 5 memorable moments from the cast of Expendables 2. Read more »

Sasquatch vs. Abominable Snowman

It is a clash of the mythical titans of folklore. A proverbial battle royal of Ali vs. Frasier proportions. Today we are going to decide once and for all who would win in a fight: Sasquatch vs. Abominable Snowman. Read more »

Monster Manly Giveaway from The Blue Ox Jerky Company

In this installment of our award winning Monster Manly Giveaway, we are giving out a piece of American Freedom. Our partners at The Blue Ox Jerky Company are giving away three 1 pound bags of their original jerky. As an avid patron of Blue Ox Jerky I can tell you in no uncertain terms that Blue Ox Jerky literally punches gas station jerky in the face. Submit your answer to the question below before 5 PM on Friday August 17th.  After that, we will announce the three winners. Read more »

Monster Manly Giveaway from Antigua Leather RESULTS!

Watch the video to see if you won the Monster Manly Giveaway from Antigua Leather: Read more »

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