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Our First Manly Action Figure: Corporate America Man

Every red-blooded guy, growing up, had action figures. The action figure was a defining moment in the timeline of a young man’s manly upbringing. But what action figures do those same guys have now? They got nothing, at least nothing they would want to be seen with, so…  Read more »

Best Kind of French Fries? You decide.

Fries may be the best way to crush a potato. With the legend of freedom fries rooted in the American history and diet, what is the most manly cut? Today we discuss The Best Kind of French Fries. We make our case. Agree or disagree? Read more »

Join us! Opening Day of Oktoberfest Saturday 9/22!

Guten tag! The first official day of Oktoberfest, 2012 is this coming Saturday in Munich, Germany! That same day – on this side of the Atlantic – is kicking off Oktoberfest in Palm Harbor, Florida.  Read more »

Top 5 Worst Jobs

I’ve got to hand it to Mike Rowe. His job is literally to go around the good ol’ US of A and work the shittiest jobs he can find. The fact that he makes $10 mil a year is beside the point. Check out this clip where Taters and I break down the Top 5 Worst Jobs:  

Or Click here to listen to the entire 1 hour show. I can’t be worse than your job.

And now, I present you with the full list… Read more »

Top 5 Cereal Mascots

If breakfast in the most important meal of the day, then you should be delivering your morning the most manly of breakfast. This starts with cereal, and today we are going to tell you the Top 5 Cereal Mascots. Read more »

Top 5 Risk Game Partners

Risk, one of the best board games for men, is a 17 hour alcohol-induced battle of wits marathon…at least it should be. You must be able to manipulate, coerce, and plan around your opponents. Having a strong partner is a must and today we are discussing our Top 5 Risk Game Partners of All Time. Read more »

Manly Presidential Survey

We’re all too familiar with that time when the Presidential Election shifts into full gear and we as a nation sit back and watch their elaborate conventions that we volunteer to fund. Like the other major influence groups in the United States, namely PETA, NRA, and T&A, we here at DOM have put together our Manly Presidential Survey for good ol’ Barry and Mitt.

Watch the video below to see how Big Al and Taters break down the Q&A:

Or Click here to listen to the entire 1 hour show. It could sway your vote.

And now, I present you with the full survey… Read more »

Top 5 Fictional Movie Astronauts

With the death of the strongest of arms (Neil Armstrong), who was not only a true American hero, we have quite possibly the loss of the most triumphant explorer to ever live. As an ode to the man who made “One giant leap for mankind” Big Al and Taters are giving out a big DOM Manly Salute to the Top 5 Fictional Movie Astronauts.

Watch this clip to see which fictional rocket men made Big Al and Tater’s list and why:

Or Click here to listen to the entire 1 hour show. Trust me, it’s not rocket science.

The list is as follows…

Read more »

Condiments on a Steak

Is it acceptable to put condiments on a steak? Read more »

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